wake me up when i can get elf ears surgically done 

You already can.


im not talking that pussy shit im talking 

fully functional 12” elf ears 

what do you mean fully functional

what function would you like them to provide beyond hearing

to have them not impede your hearing ability i guess

or to be able to feel them instead of it being just dead weight

fuck if i know

you realize that you’ve had your humyn ears for so long that they would feel like dead weight regardless

because it’s more skin/cartilage and shit

seriously tho what is fully functional kiango do you want to be able to gently tease your lover’s asshole with the working vibrator at the ends of your ears or something i don’t understand

I want to feel the wind on my ear tips a foot behind me

i don’t want this to get any more notes

do you want your ears to be able to play with your breasts but it doesn’t feel like it’s you it feels like it’s someone else b/c playing with your own boobs while fun isn’t arousing but someone else is p fab

or kind of creepy like if you don’t know them its liek you dont want some guy in the supermarket massaging your breasts

but your ears

you want those to kiango don’t you you dirty girl

you want ears that make you praise elune