no but seriously do you fuckers still think that Garrosh should be held responsible for Cairne’s death?

are you fucking joking

after everything that’s happened

get off garrosh’s dick seriously

I don’t blame him, I just think he should thought “FIGHT TO THE DEATH WITH THE LEADER OF THE TAUREN” through a bit better. 

It’s a shame Magatha poisoned his blade… Cairne would have won that otherwise.

But still, Garrosh is a dick and he’s the one that chose to make it a fight to the death. He is responsible. Cairne just wanted to beat the shit out of him and hopefully knock some sense into his stubborn ass.(While he wasn’t responsible for what Cairne was pissed about, he still deserved a good beating.)

stares at you

are you kidding

can someone take the mic from me?? my legs are falling asleep from being up on this soapbox for so goddamn long

dude hes an orc, hes all about honor, he was challenged to a death match, he won

can we all get on with our day here?

No, no he wasn’t.

While Garrosh was issued a mak’gora for leadership of the horde it was Garrosh that added the caveat that the fight would be to the death.