Fought Varian again, “lost” (because oops the ship sunk and dat armor), conscripted pretty much everyone, and then started dreaming about Stormwind burning.

thanks for filling me in

you should explain the rest to me because i just couldn’t do it

i tried

i fucking tried

i tried goddamn hard to read it

and i kept telling myself “read it for BAINE and GARROSH and VOL’JIN” and it just

i got halfway

i couldn’t take it. I love reading ok, it’s so amazing and I almost never put a book down.

But Golden seriously …..

I found it became much better once I started treating any Jaina/Kalcegos part as a meeting I didn’t want to be in (which is pretty much all of them) and zoned out until that part was over. 

Other things that happened: 

– After Theramore fell Garrosh decided he was going to have a celebration 10x better than the one Thrall had when the Lich King was defeated  (with blackjack! and hookers!) I am pretty sure he still has that inferiority complex (It’s too early to tell, but it really seems like this sort of thing will be why me and 9 of my closest friends will be paying a visit to Orgrimmar.) 

– Thrall is actually not written as Green Jesus for once. (well except for the part where he walks on water) Also, your ship had a nuclear bomb dropped on it.

– Jaina has an ‘o shi’ moment as Thrall and Kalegos (mostly Kalecgos) confront her, then another oh shit moment as she realizes she would have sunk the Alliance fleet had she drowned Orgrimmar. Also apparently she’s the leader of the Kirin Tor because of DRACONIC PROPHECY (thanks Korialstrasz.)

– Varian has seriously evened out I mean, seriously, he’s like the only person acting rationally in the middle third of the book.