I really wish politics wasn’t this bullshit fanclub sports team thing

like it’s just so fucking retarded how divided we are and how both sides have their hands over their ears and are going L AL ALALA ALA IM NOT LISTENING MY TEAM IS THE BEST TEAM THE OTHER TEAMS SUCK and BOTH sides are being ignorant and stupid but they won’t ever see it because they’re convinced /their/ side is the only side that’s right and that the other side is the ignorant and stupid one

and- Politics have /literally/ turned into some bullshit sports team loyalty. No one’s willing to shut the fuck up and be rational about anything, instead they’ll make shirts and signs and stand around chanting and screaming for their team and you know they’ll /never/ listen to the other side and consider that another team may do the job better

I’m really fucking sick of it

Can I just leave America? Because politics literally make me want to vomit. 

Hahaha, you think politics used to be anything else

(If you look at pictures of presidents you can tell when television became popular. Seriously.)