if you’re participating in ally week, kill yourself

you’re not welcome in our queer spaces, you’re not our friends, and we don’t need the help of the ALMIGHTY HETEROSEXUAL

white people certainly weren’t the driving force behind the civil right’s movement, men weren’t the driving force behind the women’s suffrage movement, and fucking breeders aren’t going to be the pioneers of the queer right’s movement

i LITERALLY JUST SAW an “ally” saying we would deserve our rights when we accepted STRAIGHT PEOPLE’S HELP

fuck you!

if you want to help queer people, sit the fuck down, listen to us and get out of our movement
“but we’re just trying to show the bigotry against the LGBTQ+ community-“


you think you’re awesome and accepting, but you’re actually just a homophobe dressed up in sheep’s clothing. apparently you think we’re stupid too. we can see you don’t really care about us, you just want to look good to other people

“lol i love the gay community NO HOMO THO OH GOD I AM NOT /ONE OF YOU/ but i totes know all about being not straight so let me tell you about it lol”

that’s what you’re saying, you stupid fuckers

stop trying to assimilate us
you aren’t what we are looking up to and what we are striving to be


kill yourselves and i mean that with all sincerity. people like you are part of the reason we’re so marginalized

You don’t speak for the queer community. You don’t speak for me as a member of the queer community. Don’t act like you do.

Everything you have said here is a manual of things not to say to make people sympathetic to your cause. I will use this post in the future as a guide of things wrong with Tumblr SJ that’s how fucking wrong and horrible this is.

Anyone who tells someone to kill themselves is a shitty person and a bully, period. As soon as you pull the “kill yourself” line you lose the right to be talked to civilly because THAT’S FUCKED UP AND CRUEL. You don’t give a shit about queer rights, you just want to get off on being a bully and having a superiority complex over the “breeders.”

Fuck miles of off and don’t you dare pretend you speak for the queer community. You are the posterchild for everything wrong with the Tumblr extremist queer community.

Grow a fucking heart.

No love,
An asexual lady