I hate blood elves so much

but you all play an important role

see because before the blood elves everyone whose friends played Horde but they were too pussyfoot to play a man’s race would play Forsaken

so we had xxgamergrilledcheesesandwichxx the undead prist playing in my fucking Forsaken master race

but now

thanks 2 the elves

people don’t play Forsaken to be kawaii nearly as much

so thanx

by being an unquality race you’ve made the quality of my race better


softly weeps because it’s completely true and i hate it but it’s TRUE

It’s ok baby

You serve an important purpose in the great circle

im just gonna be over here clinging to blood elves and humans whispering “why do all the bads play the races i like am i a bad” and they will pat my head and shush me and be like “oh baby no”

If you just joined the master race, you wouldn’t have this problem

by master race i presume u mean troll right

I am so close to rolling a troll duid just because of their cat form.