Yeah it’s official, I’m finally throwing in the towel. I have tried to come back to it several times now, but it’s just not working out.  I thought I might join a more highly populated PvE server such as Silvermoon and dear lord, can some one explain to me why I’m being spammed by guild invites? Seriously off putting, I even rolled an Alliance Worgen after my long years of playing as a Horde I figured I might switch sides.  But these damn guild invites wouldn’t even let me finish the introduction/tutorial/story for the Worgen.  I mean seriously, I even made a macro telling them to fuck off I’m reporting you as spam.  Apparently now there’s even a mod that allows you to spam the crap out of people just so that they can gain more guild members? I mean shouldn’t that kind of mod be banned from the freaking game? I’m sorry Azeroth, as amazing and rich colourful story that you are it has now been pooped on by the locals.  No not Thrall or King what-his-name of the Alliance, I’m talking about those supposedly a 10th of 8 million subscribers use this stupid annoying mod has ruined my gaming experience.  So Thanks a fucking lot for killing a really good game.  Once my annual pass runs out (A cunning ploy from Blizzard btw, well played there!) I shall be cancelling my sub and leaving the game permanently.

So thanks to those who knew me mostly as Grimefighter on the Ghostlands server and farewell!

(P.S. I don’t normally swear unless I’m absolutely fucking pissed off about something, so I apologize for the language!)