This guy is a troll RPing as an ogre.  He swears up and down that it’s a widely accepted thing to do, and everyone loves it but me and my buddy.

He listed a bunch of RP and not so RP guilds who accept him as an ogre, and promises that no one makes fun of him for it.

hahahaha gurl u so new here hahaha

ps if you’re new to RP wow don’t pretend to be an ogre or a dragon or really any race you can’t actually play.

i mean hey i was like kudos to them cause they put a lot of thought and effort into it and hey the rp was enjoyable 

but like

i mean they were playing off like their character knew that trolls evolved from night elves

and like

that it was apparently rude to speak in thalassian but didn’t cite where it was stated

i mean like hey they were cool

but now they’re whining to me about how ‘mean and condescending’ you were

why i dont caaaaaaaaar

Ahahah like trolls evolved from night elves.