god fuckin damn it

whatever man what the fuck ever ok MoP and cata didn’t happen

gl with that belves/tauren/etc…

wait doesn’t him being “Hordey” (seriously suck my dick, blue. “oh i just made that one up” who are you fooling) again undermine his eNTIRE INVOLVEMENT IN ALLIANCE PLOTLINES IN CATA or is that juust me

you know what



just have Jaina and Vol’jin team up to knock Garrosh out of Orgrimmar and LET THAT BE IT i’m so fuckin past done 

i figure it was going to be more like how Jaina appears in the ICC dungeons if you’re alliance and Sylvanas appears if your Horde

(Fun Fact: it is easier for me to do ICC dungeons Horde side because of Alliance FEELS)