That got a smile out of her, and Kalec was glad. “So, you like that I’m simple and uncomplicated?” Jaina queried.

All the humor fled him. “I like you,” was all he could say. “I’ve seen you be simple, and I’ve seen you be complex, and it all suits you. You’re Jaina. And… I like Jaina.”

She did not let go of his hands; instead she looked down at them. “That is high praise, coming from a dragon,” she said.

He placed a finger beneath her chin and tilted it up so that she looked into his eyes. “If that is praise, then you have earned it.”

Color suffused her cheeks and she stepped back, releasing his hands and smoothing her robe unnecessarily. “Well… thank you. Now, please, move all the way over into that corner. You should be out of Varian’s line of sight there.”

“I obey, my lady,” he said, bowing and retreating to the corner she had indicated.

Ah. I would assume it was fanfiction, but this is canon isn’t it? From the new book, right?

So canon it hurts: