you want three syllables (i.e. sunstrider, windrunner)

here is your first syllable pick one of them from here or here

second syllable from here

third is add -er

either that or just throw vowels in there and make it up it must sound sassy bc blood elves are sassy as fuck

yuo ar now blood elf congratulation you can be rPER TOO

It doesn’t work that way. Not every blood elf has a name like that because not all of them have retained their connections to their Quel’dorei ancestors. Lor’themar Theron and Valeera Sanguinar are just two examples, but there are many, many more. Names like Windrunner and Sunstrider are Quel’dorei names that families and individuals chose to keep even though they adopted the Sin’dorei titles and way of life after the Sundering.


Meanwhile Kaldorei names are a lot easier.

They’re just “<elfname> <noun><verb>”.