Why do I always choose to date complete assholes? I don’t know what goes on in my mind sometimes that makes me believe it’s okay for men to treat women like shit. I listen to a woman who preaches female equality and being treated well by your man and yet I spent nearly two years with a guy who put computers and weed above me. 

How did I not see sooner?? I don’t get it. Love is clearly blinding. 

I’m glad I see now what I’ve left behind. I’m getting stronger emotionally everyday and I’m realizing now that I deserve way better than what he ever gave me. I put way too much effort into that relationship and settled for way less than what I could have. I let him make me believe I wasn’t good enough at anything and that any effort would just be a waste. 

But look at me now: I have guys falling at my feet, getting a good education and making a promising career, a good job, planning an OE and friends who love me and actually want to hang out with me. 

He has: a slob who smokes weed all day trying to get into him, flirts with a chick who lives in fucking Kentucky, no chance at finishing a degree because he has dropped out too many times, no savings, gaining more and more weight everyday because all he eats is pies and doesn’t exercise, a dead end job and ‘friends’ that are fading away fast because he has no real desire to keep anyone around longer to get drunk or high with them. 

I am way better than you douchebag. I stooped low to go out with you and I’m so glad I broke free before I got any further. It was a mistake moving in with you, I should have run a long time beforehand but was blinded by the idea of being ‘grown up’ and finding a future with someone. 

There are way more important things that World of Warcraft, weed, getting drunk and fucking around. You will never account to anything. Ever. 

Vent over. 

This is a very eloquent and nuanced post about World of Warcraft, and the positive addition it brings to the to the discourse in the Warcraft tag will be remembered forevermore, I’m sure.