[Amirn]: any one looking for 2 heals

[Fleebag]: not that i’ve seen no

[Barkentin]: I get 2 heals in the morning, I get 2 heals at night

[Amirn]: man my run is so much more solid than yours kirenna

[Belirod]: LFM BWL mog run, fuck DS

[Fleebag]: 2 heals in time of peace and 2 in time of war?

[Jiern]: I get two heals before I get two heals, and then I get two more

[Amirn]: im with you belirod

[Azerroth]: LF 1 heals 1 dps DS fresh run!

[Belirod]: Orly?

[Barkentin]: Fleebag: we’re good. reference secured