(Read in TOM’s/Steve Blum’s voice. It’ll help.)

Hey, Toonami Faithful. Listen up.

Want to help build The Better Cartoon Show? [adult swim] needs your help. So far the schedule is…less than what we were expecting for Toonami’s triumphant return.

But that can be fixed.

Only you can help make Toonami the caliber show it once was. Tune in every single week and watch the revolution. Cartoon Network won’t recognize this “I’ll watch it online” bullshit. You’ve gotta do this old school.

A lot of the old shows won’t be returning (DBZ is owned by Nickelodeon now, the bastards…), but if you, the audience, keep on demanding it, you could be watching the best action block on the airwaves real soon.

You showed your support before. Now keep it coming.

See you this Saturday, beautiful friends.

(Kids love it)