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no you guys thats been my legit headcanon for illidan since forever you dont understand how many hours ive spent thinking about the issue of WoW dicks

have you guys ever thought about the fact that trolls are like 9 feet+ tall?

There’s all this troll/belf everything and I’m here wondering hOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?????

I think BEs are like 7 feet tall, no? I read that somewhere.

no, be— omg

i just checked in the cataclysm guidebook (i HAVE ONE oKAY) and they aRE like 7 feet tall

HOW DID I GET THE IDEA THEY WERE APPROX. 5 FEET TALL hgjhgfd???? no way this is right. That puts male blood elves at being taller than worgen, and no wayyyy.

I’m p. sure that they’re taller than humans but shorter than worgen. They’re def. shorter than night elves who are ridiculously tall. And humans are really like the third shortest race in the game, after gnomes/goblins and dwarves.