“What if he had made the right choices ?

And instantly that image came to to my mind.

In my version….Arthas, realized what everyone expected from him.

And became, the greatest paladin and Weilder of the Holy Light in the whole planet.

Grand Crusader of the Silver Hand King Arthas Menethil.

After a life of hard fighting and piety, Arthas grew ever more stern, caring, but a hard man. 

No Queen, no Children. 

His devotion is for the Light, and the Light only.

He fought the undead scourge and made the right choices.

He listened to Jaina, Uther and Muradin.

He purged Mal’ganis.

And after he learned where the real threat emanated from, he wen’t there himself.

With his specially crafted hammer, The Holy Throne Sunderer, he obliterated the Frozen Throne and every bit of energy it contained.

The Undead never disappeared. Just grew wilder. And uncontrolled.

So King Arthas led a life of Fighting and protecting his people. 

So without further adue,

All Hail, 

King Arthas Menethil, the Throne Sunderer, Hero of the Eastern Kingdoms.

Leader and Teacher to All Paladins.

“O Thanagor…..

An Karanir Thanagor,

Mor Ok Angalor.

Mor Ok Gorum

Palahm Raval.”