Thanks to Dave Strider’s timetables, I was able to successfully travel into the far future. I was astonished to find that one of the last remaining unabridged copies of “HOMESTUCK: ACTS 1-5” was held in safe keeping at the IASTFD (International Archive of Sacred Texts and Food Court). I later learned that much of the other copies were destroyed, along with much other web-based literature, consumed in the blistering flames of the Great Tumblr War of 2413. The details of this deadly conflict are sketchy and all evidence has been heavily photoshopped by the New United States Government & Casino. However, eyewitness accounts gathered from the myriad of surviving victims tell that it began when a sizable section of the internet was deleted that faithful day. Internet scholars explain that the newly formed Twitermblrbook+™© caused hard drives across the globe to spontaneously combust and eventually explode due to, some theories simply say, “an overwhelming amount of butthurt that not even the most powerful supercomputers could handle”.

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