I decided to make a C&D game for WoW. I know. I know. I was bored and thought some players might like this sort of thing so… yeah.

Race:Night Elf
Mount: Kodo
Live: The Barrens (WELP)
Best Friend: Medivh
Crush: Kil’Jaeden
Lover: Thrall
Cockblocker: Tyrande
Enemy: Ysera
Killed by: Aegwynn

This is just the worst.

Race: Pandaren

Mount: Drake

You live here: Thunder Bluff

Best friend: Nozdormu

Has a crush on you: Ysera AW YEAH

Lover: Alleria Windrunner GOOD

Cockblocked by: Jaina

Enemy: Gelbin Mekkatorque good I hate that bitch

Killed by: Garrosh Hellscream

wtf this is super lesbian I LOVE THUNDER BLUFF

I am a human (wow ok), riding a Dark Phoenix, living in Zangarmarsh (YES), my BFF is Bolvar (wow that would suck when he turns into the lich king), azshara has a crush on me but my lover is Varian (oK THAT’S OK). but we are cockblocked by medivh (fuck him, ps I’m getting ALL the human lore figures ahhaha). my enemy is thrall (I’m so fucked if i pissed Thrall off), and I’m killed by J-jaina? JAINA WHY WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME I LOVE YOU

Race: Tauren

Mount: Onyxian Drake

You live here:  Ruby Sanctum

ENTIRE MIDDLE ROW: Genn Greymane (i don’t even know how this happened)

Cockblocked by: Varian Wrynn

Enemy: Maiev Shadowsong

Killed by: Alleria Windrunner