Good question, chum!

See, I knew me political career would land me in a spot of botha sooner or later, but I wanted better for ‘er, so I sent ‘er off to a private school. Course, this means that she shares more dialectically in common with ol’ Genn than she does with yer ‘andsome man-wolf of th’peoples.

‘Arf the time we’re not even sure wot we’re sayin’ to each other thanks to this. This ‘as caused us trouble on more’n a few occasions, resultin’ in a right dilly of a pickle on our rescue mission. Though quite ‘ow she mis’eard “Proceed silently.” for “Stab all the Forsaken guards in th’room multiple times with an ‘airpin.” is beyond me.

Not entirely sure ‘ow she managed that regardless…

She’s got fire, that girl. Real fire. Not like ‘er old man, ‘oo’s just a big ol’ puppy at ‘eart and would never wish any ‘arm on anyone. I’m thinkin’ she gets it from ‘er mother.

Anyway… I takes full responsibility fer th’right Elliot Ness that turned out ta be. I know me accent isn’t always so understandable to’n educated ear such as ‘ers.

So now ya know, and knowin’ is ‘arf th’battle.

((Of course, it’s actually that way in the game and comics, too. Oh Metzen, you conniving contrarian of counter-canon capers, you. Well, that or lazy.))