Reference for my void dragon character, Kantaroth!

time for a Unicode crime

In which I use

“‚” — U+201A single low-9 quotation mark

To put commas in the tags

Thinking about Tev and the idea that over time the longer he’s a dragon, the more dragon-y he looks when he shifts back.

Not that he can’t totally shapeshift all the way back, just that it takes effort on his part– the idea hes come away from everything different, is a really neat thing I wanna explore.


unfortunately tumblr only allows 10 poll options and there are so many more legendary vines, but….. here goes

what’s your favourite vine?

road work ahead? uh yeah, i sure HOPE it does

i am the sand guardian, guardian of the sand

oh my god they were roommates

i could’ve dropped my croissant

back at it again at krispy kreme

AA… AAA… AAAA!! (batteries)

this bitch empty, YEET

two bros, chillin in a hot tub

only a spoonful

something else (put in tags or replies!!!!!)


Sketch stream lads!

@tevruden I think your the only one on here thats on tumblr lol