weskerslovingtentaclearms said:Don’t you know? It’s cool to hate Bloodelves, we must do what is trendy because sheeple count on fitting in to be comfortable! Baaahhh.

I dunno if that was to me or…the other person that replied to this.


Uh…i don’t hate belves, more a vast majority that RP them as super kawaii desu yaoi things and what not. Ive always felt that troll/elf relationships like them being mated or married would be a super clash of upbringing and everything the other was raised to think. 

but bwaaaaah, my own opinion and shiz coming through now

Given that the population of Quel’Thalas is still most likely decimated from scourgeprom, I doubt that would be socially acceptable at all to date outside of one’s species in blood elf society.