THERE IS… my little funny species i call Chromagoyles (open! not closed! i still gotta write up a species sheet but i would LOVE to see ppl make one!!)

there’s Lyn (she/her), of course, barista and discreet safehouse manager for victims of abusers

Camazotz, (it/they/he) bastard extraordinaire, bringer of undeath and general menace

Vic, (he/him) mercenary and close friend of Lyn who helps “take care” of said abusers

and then two AU forms of my sonas, new and old, though neither are truly canonical chromagoyles. (the jijo one could technically work! but they are non-canon)

the only “rules” for chromagoyles are really that they should follow a single hue or in a close range in fur color, have back mounted wings, a bat like anthro face, and horns of any crystal or metal. hair, eye, and horn color don’t need to follow the same hue range as the main fur but generally you won’t find multiple colors of markings on the body. OTHERWISE, i’m not that picky on other traits, though most chromagoyles have a larger bodytype.

(artists should be watermarked or linked in the image itself)