“Light worshipping Death Knights”. Look buddy not everyone who dies and comes back as a DK is suddenly “teh supa evils” like they may come back wrong sure. But humans (who most DKs are) worshipped The Light heavily in life, you don’t just die and suddenly not do it. That’d be like a Christian having a heart attack and “dying” for a short period of time before being shocked back to life and coming back as a Satanist.


Yeah, that’s probably the last thing I should be criticized about if someone’s going to snipe at my character (next time maybe make fun of the psychic brain connection with his disturbingly young wife?). In all seriousness (RP: very serious), I think the extensive mental and physical torture inflicted by the Scourge isn’t really comparable to a heart attack; on top of the fact that the Light rejects them physically, it would be more than reasonable for someone to lose their faith after an experience like that. But the Light was also what enabled their freedom at the battle for the chapel, and as you said, a lot of them fell in service and at least a few (like the NPC I posted) would be eager to serve again.