Winged Things: Reasons why I dislike happy Death Knights





My thoughts exactly.

I think if a death knight finds a healthy outlet for those urges, be it fighting the forces of evil or just taking it out in the brawl pub, then they could easily go about the rest of their day as a happy…

I don’t think anybody understands how much it hurts me to be on the work floor right now and therefore unable to type up a lengthy and verbose response to this. Screeeeeech DK discussion.

IMO they’d have to be a sick person to be like “I just killed like 20 guys and really got a boner off of their suffering, time to go pick daisies”.  It’s not just being a soldier because it’s your job or anything like that, these are people who physically need to cause suffering, and you’d either have to be a wack job to find that enjoyable otherwise, or you’d be strongly affected by it internally because it’s like, “wrong”.

So yes, a death knight could be happy, but they’d also have to be unhinged to genuinely find pleasure without remorse.

I could see that being the case, I mean they were killed (probably quite violently) raised as undead, which nobody seems to come back from as anything close to ‘normal’,  willed into the service of the Lich King, and then the whole betrayal happens at Light’s Hope.

From an RP perspective that seems like a difficult thing to pull off well though.