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FanFiction.net is not gone.

Right now it’s a victim of DNS (Domain Name Service) spoofing. This means that a malicious party is trying to steal traffic from FFn by purchasing a very similar domain.

So if you want to read fanfiction and not see leaves, you have have to type out “www.fanfiction.net”.

Please share so people stop panicking.

Its not this either. the web server that fanfiction.net is pointed at is just misconfigured.

if you look the DNS resolution chain points correctly to the nameservers in the whois info:

[Whois info showing that the nameservers for fanfction.net point to: NS11.CONSTELLIX.COM

If you then do a DNS lookup for www.fanfiction.net it hits those constellix.com nameservers and sends you to www.fanfiction.net.cdn.cloudflare.net:

This is perfectly normal in cloudflare enterprise. The issue is the hosting company didn’t set up a redirect from fanfiction.net to www.fanfiction.net

This is NOT DNS spoofing. There is NO malicious party. It’s just a simple misconfiguration.

Hanlion’s razor at work.


It always makes me double-take when people have the xkit extension that copies the tags when they reblog because sometimes I’ll insult my art or just go on insane tangents in my tags, and then I’m browsing through other peoples’ tags on my stuff and suddenly come across something like “THIS IS TERRIBLE ART BUT I DON’T CARE” and get this brief twinge of offense before I remember that I was the asshole who said that.

I am not going to lie: I have xkit configured to do this and sometimes i like to leave wildly inappropriate tags on the post on purpose.