Oh, and also, LFR is truly a gift.

Went through the first wing of SoO a while ago. When we got to the Sha, I told the second tank that I’ll tank the boss, but he should stick with me and step on the yellow prison button-things on our side when needed. The dude said “okay” and then proceeded to stand on one of them for the whole fight. The only problem was that that prison wasn’t active even once. 

Please keep in mind that I’m a super-shitty tank on top of that.


I’m kind of sad that they don’t have the tank swap mechanic on LFR, it would at least keep the offtank near the prison and not going off into siberia.

(The main trick to LFR Sha is that you can AMS the damage from swelling pride, if you glyph it, once you get enough gear you take NO damage.)