y’know, this might be a bit mean but it’s kinda sad to see so many artists willing to risk the future of their livelihoods and “go down with this ship” bc they refuse to branch out and make their art presence known elsewhere online

The whole reason we know we can sell niche merch and furry commissions online is because there was no publisher dictating what you can put on your own website. Weird kids found each other through websites.

Social media services offered convenience, so we let them fence us in and profit from the clicks we bring. Now the internet is being colonized by corporations and bigger financial interests, and that means that certain spaces are becoming inhospitable to the subcultures that built it.

I understand having to stick to Twitter because you’ve built a business there, but the best thing for the community at large is to build lifeboats on the side. If you crosspost, you’ll make sure you’re not the reason customers stay on a site that doesn’t value you or your work!

This is such a wonderfully worded and succinct addition, thank you!!!

if i might add if you’re an artist looking to branch out onto more platforms but Hate having to post every art piece manually to each and every platform as you go, Postybirb exists and is compatible with most major sites like deviantart, tumblr, twitter, furaffinity and patreon. cuts down on a lot of my posting time for sure.