Grown Tumblr users– why do you live where you live?

I was born here and have no interest in leaving.

I was born here and left for a time, but I chose to come back.

I moved here for work.

I moved here to go to college/ university and stayed afterwards.

I always wanted to live here.

I moved here because I have extended family here.

I moved here for financial reasons (e.g. lower cost of living).

I moved here for my partner (job, family, etc.)

I move around a lot and don’t like staying in one place too long.

I moved here for other reasons (please put them in the tags!)

I really hate where I live and would like to live elsewhere.

I’m not living independently yet/ I just want to see the results.

Please tell me details in your reblog/ the tags– I’ve always been so curious.

Personally, I was born in a town where people generally live there their whole lives, but my family moved when I was young, and as an adult, I’ve lived a few different places. I would never move back to my birthplace, or my university town, but I would move back to my ‘hometown’ where I grew up. I ended up where I am now by chance for work, and I really love it. I think that I got very lucky. But it’s been five years, so I’m thinking of the future.

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