The funny thing about Voyager fans is that if the Janeway/Chakotay shippers are all “J/C is endgame and they might have had a kid together!!” about upcoming Prodigy episodes…

They still have to admit, even if only to themselves, that Janeway already did have a baby with another member of the crew. Several of them, in fact.

And as much as they don’t want to remember that fact, it is absolutely canon that Janeway had several kids with Tom Paris.

Apparently you haven’t yet met all the J/C shippers who are in full support of J/C raising the triplets together. 😌😄

Chakotay is helping Janeway raise the kids she had with another man?! I dunno, is this a kink thing?

no i think it’s a lizard husbandry thing

Oh that’s fine then. So long as it’s not #cuckotay