So a free tool called GLAZE has been developed that allows artists to cloak their artwork so it can’t be mimicked by AI art tools.

AI art bros are big mad about it.

Hey about GLAZE:

While it does seem like a pretty solid way to protect artists’ works from scalpers and AI databases, there’s a lot of issues in regards to its source code and it’s EULA.

In regards to its license agreement, it indicates that Glaze owns the rights to your works because of it adding that “layer” for protection because it’s using Stable Diffusion AI’s license agreement, which is uhhh Not Good. (These threads put it pretty succinctly . Granted the later link is the worst possible implications but given the rise of really shitty behaviour when it comes to AI art and how licensing works, it’s best to keep that in mind in order to protect yourself)

As well, it’s recently come out that this software is using the exact same code as DiffusionBee (effectively going against GPL license), and while it’s good that they’ve acknowledged it and their working to fix that… I dunno stealing the same code as the very thing that scalps artists’ works leaves a bad taste.

All in all, I do want methods and ways to protect artists and creators from getting their work stolen by AI scalpers, but for now we still need to remain vigilant.

You can basically ignore the parent as:

  1. Glaze’s EULA is literally right here and doesn’t actually say any of that.
  2. The second EULA in there is for the stable diffusion *model* and not glaze and talks about licenses for derivatives of the model and section six *EXPLICITLY DISCLAIMS* rights over the output.

I manage to figure this out from my phone. Why anyone would believe some rando on Twitter I don’t even know.

And they deleted the twitter thread so who know what what they actually even said