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No one wants to work anymore. All kids these days want is to physically transform into animals. Bones cracking, breaking, splintering apart, stitching together into exhilaratingly new shapes. Hair, all kinds hair, various fluids and oils and whatnot. Monstrous musk, hideous scents foreign to civilization. Ragged-lip maws dripping with alien teeth, crowning in teething agony like the birth of an infant god. Gore-streaked visages howling in pagan delight by the pale light of the moon, etc. No work ethic. He who makes a beast of himself takes away the pain of clocking in tomorrow


Just hyperfocusing on current project and forgetting to post random stuff for the Engagementâ„¢


Anyway, a moth brained #TFTuesday is appropriate. 😊

It’s that time of the year to remind everyone:

Don’t break the warp 10 barrier, start transforming into a lizard, kidnap the captain, have lizard babies and then get them left on an uninhabited planet after the crew comes and changes you back.

There’s no consequences but its probably not a great idea.


Celandine becoming Dragon…
It’s been a long time since I’ve tried dabbling in animation of any kind so it was fun to give it another try for my boy ♡