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Friday was @volentis’ birthday so his boy gets the greatest gift: Not Being Put In A Situation.

He’s hydrated, moisturized… on break. Don’t bother him.

Yeah, its more [REDACTED]!

Some notes:

  • Its various types of snakes, but they’re always venomous.
  • The snakes are also him, but different facets of his personality.
  • There’s possible timeline shenanigans with the snakes.

I wanted to re-visit the awkward teenage lizard stage, but this time, Tevruden gets to destroy his armor too!

If you can’t stop interrupting me, you’re going to have to deal with me having three heads, because I’d like to be able to do my work.

He gets to have 3 heads now.

If you’re wondering why I’ve been quiet lately, Tevruden has been, well….

A bit tied up with things.

Get snoofed.

Its fine, the email notification would have covered the screen and Dante would have had to re-do that level anyway.

Tevruden’s change into his dragon form is never consistent, especially with the wings.

Sometimes it’s current arms into wings, sometimes it’s growing new wings.

hey I came here from Twitter to Tumblr! I was messaging you in DMs as I was interested in your character Tevrugos and I wanted to learn more about Dante if you don’t mind talking more about them~!

More about Dant’eleth and Tevrugos? EZ

(by @jaw-bones)

So Dant’eleth is

  1. last scion of the House Duskmere
  2. Very good thief. Think of him as Joker Persona 5. Like, I’ve made jokes about it:

Dante (Dant’eleth Duskmere) actually met Tevrugos after Dant’eleth tried pick-pocketing from Tev.

Tevrugos was impressed that

  1. He even tried that w/ a blue dragon. (Dante did not know Tevurogs was a dragon)
  2. He was successful.

There was lunch, and one thing lead to another.

A good 70% of their relationship is Dante stealing magical items for Tevrugos and Tevrugos enabling Dante’s thievery by telling him about magical items he can steal.