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head in my hands TUMBLR IM BEGGING YOU if you’re eligible to vote in the united states please fucking vote for biden I KNOW HE FUCKING SUCKS but i stg if yall treat this like some kind of inspirational anime revolution where you’re gonna change the world by voting third party the exact same thing that happened in 2016 is gonna happen again, remember we already did this in 2016 remember when we all tried to vote for bernie and it didn’t fucking matter cuz IT TURNS OUT neither dems nor republicans actually give a shit about real democracy, which unfortunately means JUST voting for the person you earnestly believe in IS NOT ENOUGH TO CHANGE ANYTHING im so sorry elections are setup like this im so sorry our only options are wannabe hitler and genocide joe but these are LITERALLY our only 2 options. it fucking sucks! it sucks SO MUCH that the american people literally cannot vote for a third party alternative in a way that matters!!! it sucks that if you don’t pick one of these 2 shitty options your vote means nothing!!!! but that’s how shit is setup in our country (on purpose!) and not voting for biden (or not voting at all) is 100000% GOING TO MAKE EVERYTHING EVEN WORSE please IM BEGGING YALL please listen to your sad tired elders on this one i fucking hate joe biden but i promise he is unfortunately the best we we’re allowed to do under the current setup I WISH I HAD SOMETHING MORE INSPIRATIONAL TO SAY im so sorry shit is so bleak but the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been pleasePLEASE do not fuck around with your vote please dont throw it away


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Hey @staff​ when can I bestow Blue Internet Checkmarks on other people?