Tauren female!

There’s something wrong with that muzzle… The old model’s is better because it actually comes down to the upper lips like real life cows

The alpha model’s muzzle closes at the middle like a really large dog or cat’s nose.

It’s just something I’ve noticed that bugs me a little.

The WoW engine handles lips… oddly. Here’s a certain paladin that I’ve exported and loaded into blender w/ the base standing pose: 


Now, if you were to run up to him in-game (and, say, bonk him on the noggin >_>) he’d probably look a bit more like this:


These two are the exact same pose (angles differ because I am lazy and taking one of these screenshots using remote desktop, pauldron is rotated because rigging.)

Depending on how they rendered those shots the mouth might actually be completely closed in-game.