i think the best wizard characters are the ones where yes, they have the crab bucket mentality with other wizards where they have to have the strongest runes and have the highest tower and are very guarded about their secrets, but with NON-wizards they are the fiercest and most enthusiastic allies. they will fund all your projects, give you all the feedback, assist all your research, be your biggest cheerleader– because they want to see where things go. maybe it’s a little hard to know sometimes if they actually support you as a friend or if they are just viewing you as a subject for observation. maybe you’d feel better if they didn’t have their notebook ready when you told them you were about to test a flying machine. maybe they sounded a little too enthused about that abyssal contract you told them you were considering. they’re nosy in the worst way, and all you can hope is they’re actually doing something worthwhile with the info.