Dungeons and Dragons, but your character must be a self insert, and class is determined by your current abilities

Barbarian Must have a demonstrable temper, go off I guess 
Bard Must be able to play an instrument
Cleric Must be involved in a religious organization
Druid Must have demonstrable knowledge of, or passion for nature 
Fighter Must beat the DM in physical combat (hope your DM’s a wimp) 
Monk Must practice a martial art 
Paladin Must have a cause that one actively supports 
Ranger Must be able to fire a kind of ranged weapon accurately 
Rogue Must sneak up on the DM (Hard mode: steal their dice) 
Sorcerer Must have a powerful family heirloom 
Warlock Must work for a powerful entity (Corporations, The Government) 
Wizard Must have a College Degree or a 3.0 GPA 

If you can’t be any of these you start as a commoner, and may become one of these classes when you finally satisfy these conditions.