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Burning Legion wouldn’t care about Azeroth in the slightest had the Night Elves and Highborne not fucked with magic, but then again if not for them we wouldn’t have Blood Elves

So several things: 

  1. I was speaking of Kel’thuzad using the book of Medivh to summon Archimonde into Azeroth.
  2. If we wanted to talk about the Burning Legion in general, Night Elves ain’t got shit to do with it anymore. Velen lives here now and he’s at the top of Kil’jaeden’s shit list. Plus they want to destroy all life in the universe so eventually they may have gotten here.
  3. The Night Elves didn’t completely understand the consequences of their actions, I mean nobody can unless you can see the future. Thrall could literally see the future (it was his past) and chose that over what that offshoot timeline was.