when is the last time you were drunk? not just when did you last consume alcohol, and not when were you last a bit tipsy, but when’s the last time you were full on can’t-walk-straight, might-vomit/did vomit drunk?

I do not drink alcohol and thus have never been drunk

I drink alcohol, but I’ve never been drunk

within the last week

within the last month

within the last 1-6 months

within the last 7-12 months

approximately a year ago

two to three years ago

four to six years ago

seven to ten years ago

over ten years ago

more than 20 years ago

For me, I’m in my 30s and the last time I was druuuunk-drunk was approximately 8 years ago. I’ve only ever been tipsy since then, but never properly drunk. (It was a really, reeeeally bad hangover that caused me to never want to be drunk again, if only to save me from the subsequent hangover.)

Anyway let me know in the tags when you were last drunk and what age (ish) you are! I’m curious to see if there’s any discernible patterns.