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So I guess i’m like the one person on WRA who doesn’t know Tev so do 1 through 20 for me.

01. Full name: Tevruden Dawnspear
02. Best friend: Varaelian Nilhandril @varaelian
03. Sexuality: Nope
04. Favorite color: Blood orange red
05. Relationship status: Currently in a relationship w/ Feiyn Bloodfang and Ro’liath Frostbane (@icyvveins and @the-ahaegao-prince)
06. Ideal mate: One that likes killing dudes
07. Turn-ons: Murder
08. Favorite food: Pretty much anything, if there’s enough of it  
09. Crushes: Anything that he can get his fist around.
10. Favorite music: I don’t really think he pays attention to it.
11. Biggest fear: He doesn’t afraid of anything. Mostly beause his biggest fear was his own death, and he’s survived that.
12. Biggest fantasy: Cleaving through like 10 dudes at once. (His personal best is 7.)
13. Bad habits: He tends to beat people with his limbs when they get cut off.
14. Biggest regret: He doesn’t really regret anything, but then he pretty much does whatever he wants.
15. Best kept secrets: Probably the same one most DK’s have, while Arthas died in the seige of ICC, he was replaced almost instantly
16. Last thought: “I wonder if I could raise another frostwyrm.”
17. Worst romantic experience: Probably his first engagement, merely because it ended w/ him dying and being raised as a DK
18. Biggest insecurity: See Biggest regret
19. Weapon of choice: His runeblade. (It has a name, but it’s classified.) He prefers axes to swords and polearms.
20. Role Model: The closest thing I would say he has to a rolemodel would be Arthas, minus the whole mind controlling everyone in the Scourge part. He actually admires the power he had as the Lich King