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Dante: You’d have to do so much less work talking to people if you didn’t take the form a drow.
s: Yeah, but I’d have so much less æsthetic if I didn’t take form of a drow.

Get snoofed.

Its fine, the email notification would have covered the screen and Dante would have had to re-do that level anyway.


FFXIV Commission for Tev, thanks so much! 🗡️💨

I don’t think dragons are particularly common were Tev hails from. A generalized lack of interest in civilization, and the fact they’re generally building-sized, means you’re not going to see them walking down the street or at the grocery store.

Of course, “usually” isn’t “never” so Tevruden isn’t even the only dragon in the palace.

Its either the court wizard or the tailor.

We’re nooot quite sure yet

They were out of dragon-sized ice cream cones, but Tevruden and Dante still share some ice cream anyway.

(🎨 by @sakom75)