Couple of paintings I did for AEG (http://www.alderac.com/)

Im guessing its okay to post some of them, since I think they released a while back, and im just slow, so here you go tumblr 😀

The top is part a wood elf from the gamers 3 project and i believe hes based in the “romance of the nine empires” game. I worked under Todd -himself- on this one (omg i know right?!?!?), and I basked in his greatness. Also hes a super cool dude. 

The second one is from nightfall, and I worked with John-Paul on that one, and let me tell you what a stand up guy he is. Seriously, nicest folks ever. John-Paul is so much fun to work with, and hes so friendly and fun, but he knows how to push all the right ego buttons to make you do your best n_n

So much fun, and such a pleasure working with these guys. If you havent played any AEG games yet, treat yourself to one, they are a blast.