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Hc + Acherus.

While it doesn’t drift around the Plauguelands like Naxxramas did, Acherus does move ever so gently as it sits high above Light’s Hope Chapel. The motion isn’t really given any attention by the members of the Ebon Blade other than when they’re trying to land on the platforms, but somehow its motion always makes the living violently ill.

Would Tev have any special dialogue for other heroes, if he was in HotS? If so, which and what?

The two that come to mind immediately are Arthas and Sylvanas.
Killing Arthas, I could see something like “You would think, with your setback in Icecrown, you would not be so foolhardy.”

Sylvanas he’d probably egg on about losing Quel’Thalas 
At the start of a match: “Look who finally came out of their Undercity.”

@icyvveins also came up with one better than anything I could think of:
Arthas: “Do not fail me, Minion.”
Tevruden: “I take no orders from fallen kings.”