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“The naga thing isn’t why customers won’t be bothering him with stupid questions for the next month, like I promised, but he’s half dragon, and Xenodermus is the dragon snake.

…Plus, his boss is about to walk by and tell him ’the schedule changed so all you’ve got is a break now.’ Which is juuuust about how long this will last.” –[REDACTED] seeing an opportunity for a fakeout on @volentis boy Ayrens.

What even is the deal with Tev anymore?

I’m going full knight with him


(from @jaw-bones​)  No longer a knight-errant paladin he’s actually in service to a prince but he’s still got the small issue of lizert.

Turns that’s more of a deal for one of them than the other


At least until Tev uses that to actually get his liege to his appointments on time (yes they’re smooching now, dragons do what they want)


Oh, he can still eat magic and sometimes he gets an upset stomach from it. Thus.

This is self-indulgent and I’m NOT sorry


Thank you for coming to my Tev talk

Wanted to post all the versions of voidyboy @thevampdad did 


A danger noodle, from @mysticpotionart

A danger noodle, from @mysticpotionart

My naga boy, from GIUMS1 over on twitter


UPDATE: Dante decided long snake bf makes an excellent weighted blanket, and has fully burrito’ed>

(Tev has NO idea how he did this)

big ol’ dragon lazy snake that is currently down to do 2 things:

1) order delivery

2) share it with the boyfriend as they watch TV

(This may have been a pretense to leach heat)


(from neri0r over on twitter)