I don’t think you’re ready to have an adult conversation about politics until you’re able to admit that there are things you love and enjoy that would not and should not exist in a just world. $8 billion dollar budget movies every other month don’t exist in a just world. New 900 GB AAA video games every year don’t exist in a just world. Next day delivery doesn’t exist in a just world. 80 different soda brands don’t exist in a just world. 

All of those things come from exploitation on some level, and if you wouldn’t trade those for a world where everyone can eat and have a home no matter who they are or what they do, I don’t know what to tell you. 

Don’t see how you can say that any of that shit would definitely not exist in a just world. People like to make art, including collective art; the production process would look very different, and maybe an AAA game would be impossible without exploitation – but maybe it would be possible. We don’t know. We’re talking about a radically different way of organising human society than has ever existed, so how can you write with such certainty about what would be impossible?

you’re seriously misreading the post. the op did not say that movies or video games or soda or delivery would not be possible in a just world, but that a new massive AAA game every single year would not be possible, an 8 billion dollar budget movie every month churned out like that would not be possible, next day delivery would not be possible, hundreds of different soda brands would not be possible. the speed of these things is the largest indicator of exploitation, the relentless churning out of content at such a rapid pace in pursuit of profit that requires more exploitative working conditions for those doing the labour. the post is saying that labour that isn’t exploitative means that these things need far more time, to happen less often, to slow down, to be done with more consideration, to value the people and labour that goes into it above the pursuit of money, not that “art would not exist” and if you read it more carefully and in better faith you would know that

This is a really interesting take, because yes UPS overnight gets you whatever orders you have off the Internet when you want it the next day, but this is ALSO the same infrastructure that gets things like telecommunications electronics across the country overnight. 

I’ve seen more than my fair share of outage tickets from one phone company or another talking about an issue with a broken fiber optic cable that say “Fix pending Line Card/Amplifier/etc. to be overnighted from X to Y.” 

Will it decrease? Yes.

Should it decrease? Yes.

But it seems very naive, just for the sheer lack of nuance, to say that all of that is going to outright stop “in a just world.”