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lobster plzlobstmourne

lobster plz


✖ ♪ for your big dead loser knight

First off: WOW RUDE

he’s living-impared

✖ – Who is someone they just cannot stand?

Oddly enough Tev can’t stand my human death knight Brereton, they were stationed together in Northrend and had a bit of a falling out after Arthas was killed. Tev though they were done in Northrend, and Brereton felt they shouldn’t leave until all of the scourge was eradicated. It ended in a fight (of course) and Brereton has been holed up in Northrend ever since.

 – Are they musically inclined? 

Tev was never good at it when he was alive, and his undeath made him even less interested.