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Tev thinks the necromancy done by the Shadowmoon orcs is “cute” and has said this on more than one occasion (usually right before he takes control of whatever they’re trying to use against him.)

▲ Rosefica rubs the back of her neck. Looking up at Tevruden is almost as terrible as looking up at… Well, anyone else. She is only 5’9″, after all. “Excuse me. I know that there’s quite a web of relationships going on. Do you mind terribly much if I include your names on Sisina and Ro’liath’s Winter’s Veil cards?”

The Death Knight shrugs. Up until recently he did not have much of a reason to celebrate Winter’s Veil (he did want to fight the Abominable Greench, though.) “I do not, but I think Feiyn would appreciate it more than I would.”