Jeroth the Exile

Full Name: Jeroth Silverwing
Birthdate: January 3
Class: Mage
Specialization: Frost
Formerly a member of the Kirin Tor ranks. He was in charge of
investigating the appearance of a mysterious rogue mage known
as Sidalja. He tracked his target down to the underbelly of
Dalaran, where he engaged him in battle. Jeroth's men were
incinerated by the crazed mage; it was reduced to a fight between
the two magi. The battle was long, the collateral damage was
immense, and civilian casualties were high, but neither of them
would get close to defeat. Sidalja knew he could not win, so he ran
away and jumped off the sky city and vanished.
Jeroth was punished for all the damage the battle caused. His
sentence was a life sentence in the Violet Hold but, the council
pitied and considered him. Instead of being imprisoned for life,
Jeroth was exiled from the Kirin Tor and was not allowed to set foot
in Dalaran ever again.


The drawing didn’t turn out as horrible as I expected. I actually got carried away and experimented a lot with it. c:

As for the little story, I couldn’t help it. I’m no WoW lore expert,so I just make my own shit up. ^^;