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go to bed kiango

(i will admit that the conversaton when I took that screenshot was “You know, we could drop Malkorok right here and nobody would know. I mean these goblin made tunnels are very prone to accidents. I bet we could take him.”)

Got sidetracked

Got sidetracked

I continue to hate Garrosh for that one time he used me as bait. At least when Arthas did it he had the power to raise people from the dead.

Also because he has a big stupid potato head and never closes his mouth.

My flippant remark to kiango made me think of something

 This could easily be Garrosh’s ACTUAL problem:


In a single action, thrall has done more to protect the Horde than everything Garrosh did in the Cataclysm. Everything Garrosh is doing now is a misguided attempt step out of Thrall’s shadow and prove he’s better.

Doing this would require competent writers, though.