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Not sorry.

Not sorry.





Proving grounds… Virtual servers… Flex raiding… 

Man, looks like they’re really trying to improve peoples game lives, and give the community what they want.

Prepare yourselves for the backlash.

I don’t really understand what a virtual server is.

Are they finally merging all the RP realms or what?

Is this their work-around so they don’t have to say “merge”?

Kind of:

Players on the same Virtual Realm will be able to join guilds, access a single Auction House, join arena teams and raids, as well run dungeons or group up to complete quests.

It solves the name problem though.

I still don’t really understand. I’d like to ask them to re-word it or elaborate a bit, because I can’t tell if players will be able to just make separate realms or if realms will be “merged” or what-have-you, the way they’ve worded it is pretty confusing. Maybe that’s just me being word-challenged at the moment, though.

Say you have two realms: Jaina and Arthas. 

Jaina and Arthas get merged into a single Virtual Realm:

  • All the players on Jaina can join guilds on Arthas. (and vice versa)
  • All the players on Arthas can see Auction House items posted on Jaina.

The two realms act as if they’re a single realm, but  players on Arthas still connect to the realm Arthas, and players on the realm Jaina still connect to Jaina.

I bet that’s what Jaina said.

I bet that’s what Jaina said.