after roe v wade got overturned under biden (a constitutional right we had for FIFTY years) i don’t believe any of the goofy “biden is better for domestic issues” rhetoric . you are lying to me and you are lying to yourself

so sorry for not understanding how the us government works and how powerless the democrats are. the president bypassing congress twice to sell weapons to a genocidal entity killing civilians got me acting silly. my fault

okay legitimately fact checking this was fun. let’s break it down!

“after Roe V Wade got overturned under Biden…” = fact check: partially true? it did factually happen under his administration, but happened in a branch of government he cannot directly control. Biden actually attempted to sign an executive order two weeks after the Supreme Court ruling to protect abortion access. It isn’t immediately clear if it’s had an effect beyond protecting federal employees from state intervention in matters of abortion but it seems disingenuous not to mention.

“a constitutional right we had for FIFTY YEARS” – = mostly false? the right to have an abortion is an interpretation of one clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. it’s like saying you’re the supreme ruler of this place when you’re the manager of the GameStop – technically true, but it stretches the definition for effect.

“Biden is better for domestic issues” – vague, hard to fact check. What issues? Better than whom?

“Sorry for not understanding how the us government works and how powerless democrats are” – see above.

“the president bypassing congress for the second time….“ – I assume this is talking about Israel, in which case fact check: true! ish? which is to say, at least according to a recent senate vote, 72/100 current senators are unwilling to link aid to Israel to human rights reporting.

this is one of those posts that interests me mostly because of the line “you are lying to yourself”. that’s such a curious phrase to give to the void – it has the ring of one of those cold reading “insights” that feel so true and personal but are in fact just broadly true. i genuinely don’t think OP added it as any sort of manipulation, i just am drawn by the way it functions in this argument like a kind of salt & seasoning – the way if I tell you that you’ve had some education but everything you’ve learned that’s important, you probably taught yourself, you’re automatically gonna believe more what I say next about you. these two posts are so deliciously tuned towards enraging a certain leftist subset with a mix of slightly-slanted fact and I really, genuinely find it dope.

I’d be more apt to listen to posts like OP if y’all had some sort of call to action other than ‘biden bad’

yeah he sucks but you gonna suggest anything actionable about it?